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My 5 Part MLM Masterclass

Traditional Prospecting vs Modern Marketing

  •  The Traditional Method. Make a list of friends and family. spam strangers on social media, make people roll their eyes when you come around.
  • Modern Method. Use modern marketing strategies to create offers that make you unique in the marketplace.  Attract only high quality prospects to your products and opportunity.
  • How To Grow Exponentially Using automation tools you can speed up the process significantly.

 Two Skills You Can't Succeed Without

  • Marketing. Your business can't grow without it. But how you do it matters.
  • Sales. Is the lifeblood of your business.  Learn to attract people who are already looking for your products and services.
  • What Entrepreneurs Do. These two skills is what EVERY business owner needs to master.

How To Be Unique In The MLM Space

  •  The Clone Wars. Howto stop looking and sounding like every single network marketer out there.
  • Making Irresistible Offers. Make offers that make your prospects can't resist.
  • Find Your Ideal Customers. Identify and attract the perfect customers and prospects.

Why People Need You

  • Your mess. Today people are craving authenticity.
  • Your message. Create a compelling message that speaks directly to your customers and prospects.
  • Solutions. Build solutions that your customers and prospects are looking for.

Lead Gen In The 21st Century

  •  Ideal Avatar. Identify who it is you absolutely want to work with.
  • ​The List. Grow an ever expanding list of people.
  • Automation. Use technology to make you more effective while also saving you time.
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